3 Ways to Promote Your Products On Your Shopify Facebook Store without A Dime

3 Ways to Promote Your Products On Your Shopify Facebook Store without A Dime

Is this the reality in your Shopify Facebook store? You’re experiencing marketing difficulties. You do not have a budget to run marketing activities. Your sales and conversion levels have been declining per dawn. You are on the crossroad wondering whether to give up on your online dream or what next. If this is the reality in your business, you do not need to lose the tower. Your shoestring budgets should not be a reason for giving up on your dream. Selling on Facebook offers you several options for promoting your products without spending a dime. Here are the top 3 ways to do so:

­ Posting your products on various groups and pages

The fast way to promote your business without spending a dime is posting on various pages. As a member/participant of a particular group, you have an opportunity to post on them. You can utilize this opportunity to create awareness about your products and services. However, when posting on this groups, you need to consider the rules of each. Also, ensure you are targeting the right audience. For instance, posting information about your products on groups for sharing memes will not have a great impact. Visitors will consider your post as part of the memes. Hence, they will not respond to it as expected.

­ Posting on your profile

Certainly, you have a profile on Facebook. Also, you have some friends and followers. This person should be your first targets when selling on Facebook. Your friends and followers like following you as you share various things in common. Also, they like different aspects about you. Posting information about your products on your profile helps you to reach this population. The post will appear on their feeds. Since they want to see you prosper, they will take the requested action.

­ Tagging your friends and followers

Another way to boost your product awareness without spending a dime is through tags. Facebook allows you to tag your friends and followers in your post. This option enables you to reach your friend’s peers. When you tag a friend on your posts, it will appear in their timelines. Hence, more audience can view them. For example, if you have five friends with 100 friends and followers each, tagging them will enable you to reach an audience of 500 people. So, friend tagging is a suitable approach to harness your marketing when selling on Facebook without spending a dime.

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